Mental Health

  • Feb 17, 2021


Here I am, a 35 year veteran of the promotional products industry.  I have seen all kinds of "things" happen in our world over those years.  


But the pandemic?  Personally, no words to describe.  Maybe I now know what my grandparents went through during the 2 Great Wars.  The uncertainty, worries for loved ones and their health and wellness. When will it end? Will we ever go "back to normal life"? Who knows.


I have to be honest. Some days I struggle.  I feel hopeless, unmotivated even discouraged.  Day after day with really no end in sight. We get hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, but week after week, that light seemingly remains as ever distant.


Early on, I was seen by some as being negative when I predicted this wouldn't be over till beginning of 2021.


I was wrong.


Is beginning of 2022 now the new goal?  Let's hope it comes sooner than that for all our sakes.


What I have learned over this past year, is the importance of reaching out and calling someone to "check in". Remarkably, I find myself getting just as much a lift of spirit as I hope the person on the other end of the line feels.


And if you are feeling down and just want to talk to someone, I am always available. i can be reached 24/7 905-841-0916 x106


Be well. Be safe. 





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